Doro is an Amsterdam-based Croatian artist and a social psychologist in training. She grew up in Zagreb, Croatia, which, coupled with her southern-Croatian roots, provided her with rounded Euro-Mediterranean influences.
She employs academic and artistic methods to break down the seeming consistency of norms and navigate the nonsensical and elusive nature of the contemporary world. 

Looking for ways to stay grounded in a reality that at times feels uninhabitable left me looking for productive escapist routes. 
As a social scientist I'm often engaged in cerebral discussions, battles of wits and pragmatic protocols. However, these create a very narrow framework that often lacks space for novel paradigms. I’m exploring other pathways of inspiration and mobilisation by landing examples of what else is possible and facilitating new experiences.

I experiment with collective re-imagination, romanticising the mundane, and dreamscaping as a way of resisting apathy and hopelessness of the contemporary world plagued with disconnection from one another, nature and ultimately ourselves. Time, materiality and reality are often questioned and interpreted, employing both critical analysis and gentle contacts with our embodied cognition. 

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